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While I was building the nation’s largest lead generation system, I learned and understaod important issuses that were never reported in the median. Nor did CPA’s politicians, wealth advisors and attorneys understand it either.

I see the same story today. The winners just have better information. The 2008 Financial Crash caught many high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners unprepared. Conversely, the truly well connected had already cashed in and out.

Today, business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have access to accurate information. If they did, they’d be lobbying for a major overhaul to taxes and federal laws. Better yet, there would be broad public support for helping entrepreneurs - because they can best solve the increasing social problems, from poverty to climate change and crime.

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Five reasons illustrate why consultants are often a necessary tool for taking businesses of any size to the next level.
― LegalNature | March 2019