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Decline of Entrepreneurship

Gather Big Data

The first step toward putting entrepreneurs back in the driver's seat is to get useful and accurate information.

Why are Millennials 50% less likely to own a business than their parents? Blaming publicly held corporations is pointless, but data showing the facts behind why it's happening, can lead to solutions and public support for policy changes.

There are many possible solutions. Reform a tax code that favors Wall Street. Funding local banks who have a vested interest in their local community. Moving nto the tech level, we canf understadnd how tech monopolies can stifle innovation.

I will use my contacts in Silicon Valley, academia, think tanks, lobbyists, hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs to to research and get the ball rolling.

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Five reasons illustrate why consultants are often a necessary tool for taking businesses of any size to the next level.
― LegalNature | March 2019