Mark Malone in Sarasota

Mark Malone

Sarasota Bay from the Patio

Entrepreneurship has been in Mr. Malone’s blood since childhood.

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Merrimack College, Mark moved to Texas and obtained his MBA from Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, he developed his selling and business development skills in the oil exploration and automotive industries, winning several awards and recognition for top sales achievement.

In 1995, Mark saw the vision and the need to start an Internet technology company in Silicon Valley.  He started the business by creating websites, and built it into - the Nation’s Top Wholesale Sales Provider, serving a wide variety of clients from AutoNation and Progressive Insurance to Bank of America.

Mark also set up DealerMax, a digital production company in Florida, to reduce costs and speed up development times, which further increased business. DealerMax also created Digital Marketing platforms for auto dealerships, dealer associations and other related clients.

Friends and business associates see Mark as the guy who is always thinking outside of the box, always ahead of the curve.  And Mark would agree with them, because he understands that new, well executed ideas are exactly what every business needs in the fast changing, very competitive business environment of 2018.

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